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Singapore, October 9 (paper ring) - China is suspending the investment competition in pulp and paper in Asia and suddenly accelerating the expansion of LWC production capacity

the country is arranging to expand the annual production capacity of domestic lightweight coated paper to 400000 tons, while the current domestic annual consumption is only 10000 tons. However, Chinese paper makers are optimistic that with the development of domestic economic growth trend, there will be strong demand for this variety

China has invested in the LWC project with the installation method of the tension machine of Jinan testing machine factory. It is following the current direction of its European and North American counterparts. They are improving production technology, improving the production capacity of LWC and super calendered paper, and improving product quality. In Europe and North America, it is widely used in magazine and advertising printing

however, it should be clearly noted that according to the information of Norwegian paper maker norke Skog due to the existence of rebound stress, the annual import of LWC from Europe and North America in Asia is only 160000 tons, which is insignificant compared with the estimated annual consumption of 2million tons in Asia

level confusion

Asia has always debated the definition of LWC. Some experts believe that the real LWC must contain a high proportion of mechanical pulp, as in Europe and the United States. However, LWC produced in Asia is actually a light-weight evangelical paper made of chemical pulp

in China, LWC is a kind of non wood fiber paper. Therefore, the country consumes 350000 tons of LWC annually, including low-quality grades. Many paper mills claim to produce LWC, but without calendering, they use a mixture of non wood fibers and wood pulp fibers. Therefore, there are many potential users in the market. They will gradually need high-quality finished paper produced on modern paper machines. Paper makers plan to expand LWC production. Then, for hydraulic universal testing machines with low working pressure, high-strength cast iron can be used to make oil cylinders; For the hydraulic universal testing machine with high working pressure, there are also these customers in my mind

lwc is mainly used for advertising printing in China rather than magazines. The country's paper makers hope that the government can approve more magazine publishing licenses after the future improvement of living standards. However, if these expectations are not realized in the next few years, the investment in LWC will inevitably lead to excess production capacity of LWC

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