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Hydropower transformation acceptance is a process of testing people's acceptance experience. How to do hydropower transformation acceptance and what small details should be paid attention to during acceptance

1. No matter whether the water pipe is on the top or on the ground, all cold and hot water outlets must be horizontal, generally hot on the left and cool on the right, and the pipeline laying should be horizontal and firm. The layout should be safe and reasonable. The location of pipe clamps and the slope of pipes shall meet the requirements of the specification. All kinds of valves shall be installed in correct and flat positions for easy use and maintenance

2. The water inlet shall be equipped with an indoor main valve. Before installation, the water pipe and connecting accessories must be checked for damage, sand holes, cracks and other phenomena

3. If the kitchen is equipped with a water softener, water purifier, small kitchen treasure, etc., it should be considered to reserve the position of water supply and drainage and the position of power supply in advance

4. Both the cold and hot water pipes are made into the wall. When slotting, the depth of the groove should be checked. The cold and hot water pipes cannot be in the same groove

5. The left and right positions of the shower mixing valve are correct, and it is installed in the middle of the bathtub (determine the size of the bathtub first), and the height is 150-200mm above the bathtub. The water outlet of the Jacuzzi is reserved according to the model. How to save money in decoration? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. The distance between the holes of the mixing valve is generally kept at (concealed installation) 150mm and (exposed installation) 100mm. The position of the water outlet of the connecting rod shower should be determined according to the height of the room and the owner's personal needs

6. Try to place the water inlet and outlet of the toilet in a place that can be blocked by the toilet. The position of the water outlet of the conjoined toilet should be determined according to the model, and it should generally be left 200mm to the left of the middle of the toilet drain

7. The electric water heater generally needs to be fixed on the load-bearing wall. If the situation is special, the fixed support should be made for fixing on the non load-bearing wall, and there should be enough positions for the fixed support on the top floor. It is necessary to communicate with the water heater manufacturer in advance to determine the location of the water outlet of the water heater

8. When installing kitchen and sanitary pipes, the size of the pipes out of the wall should take into account the final size of the wall tiles after they are pasted, that is, the thickness of the wall tiles should be considered in advance





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