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China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) time: 2018.7.08-7.11 place: China Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall, poly World Trade Expo, ruyushui booth No.: 10.2-06

China Construction Expo (Guangzhou)

time: 2018.7.08-7.11

place: China Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall Poly World Trade Exhibition Center

Ruyu Deshui booth number: 10.2-06

Ruyu Deshui headquarters address: 3/F, Wangjing block B, No. 1909 Hongning Road, Hangzhou

Ruyu Deshui - the pioneer of national chain, individual needs and centralized customization mode

Ruyu Deshui started in 1996, and its predecessor was an enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales, focusing on fine curtain customization. He is the pioneer of the "national chain, individual needs, centralized customization" mode. He creatively introduced the "suit" production process into curtain production, 313 production standards, and insisted on perfect details. "Exclusive customization, suit technology, environmental protection quality - really good curtains" has become a synonym for curtains like a fish in water

Ruyu Deshui has hundreds of chain stores across the country. It has been upgraded from a leading brand in the curtain industry to an overall soft decoration marketing model, focusing on the sales of curtain products, wall cloth, wall background, and supporting characteristic furniture, lighting, jewelry, etc. It has a strong soft front and back office team, a mature product supply chain and an operation system of service terminals

product advantages - ruyushui has strong R & D and integration capabilities, leading design and fast update, and adopts the research, production and marketing mode of "planning + content + popular models + four seasons + speed matching". The product positioning is "fashionable and tasteful"

marketing system - one of the strongest marketing service systems in the industry. The headquarters has perfect functions. Led by the business school, the training system of "hands-on teaching and training with war": shopping guide elite class, mobile business school, trial business resident project, single store sales explosion project, single store construction team a/b project, store hierarchical management, star rating and other service systems, which strongly empower terminal stores

intelligent tools - 3D design system + live photo system + automatic quotation system +oms order system, making the overall soft installation experience easy to sell

smart factory - the industry takes the lead in introducing the world's first intelligent flexible curtain production line, which has doubled the delivery time and improved the quality again, providing customers with cost-effective products, laying a solid foundation for achieving scale leadership and total cost leadership

like a fish in water future planning - become the global leader in soft clothing

overall soft clothing is the current market demand, and the prospect is broader. Like a fish in water, the transformation of overall soft clothing is the result of the times. Curtain is the category that is most difficult to be put into production in large scale in the whole soft decoration, and like a duck to water is the curtain that started. The process and productivity are few in the industry, and it has absolute congenital advantages

in the next few years, Ruyu Deshui will first deeply integrate the curtain, wall cloth and wall background products, then gradually make special furniture, lighting and accessories, and finally make the whole case sales. President Chen Jianxin, CEO of rudeshui, with the support of a strong front and back office team, a mature supply chain and a perfect service operation system, the overall soft packaging business will grow

in 2020, the number of stores will reach 1000, a five fold increase compared with the current 200 stores, and the performance growth is basically proportional to the growth multiple of stores

like fish in water

in the nationwide regional hot investment promotion, like fish in water is committed to providing partners with a complete set of solutions that are innovative and meet market demand, and creating a long-term and continuous value-added closed loop for partners. The national investment invitation has been fully opened. You are cordially welcome to join us, jointly operate and share the last potential stock in the home building materials industry --- soft decoration




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