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Waterproof, antifouling, oil proof, dust-proof, anti-static - "five prevention" wall cloth, suitable for you who pursue a more unrestrained sense of use

when choosing wall decoration, what is the mainstream material at present? For many people who are about to experience decoration, this is a multiple-choice question that is indecisive enough. Latex paint, diatom mud, wallpaper, wall cloth... What is your white moonlight and cinnabar mole? Let's do a division

how can I live in Jiuan for a long time

health and environmental protection are the first priority in the space where you live with your family. However, can you stay at the construction site of latex paint and diatom mud

have you ever seen construction workers working without masks

they said that using latex paint and diatom mud, it doesn't matter if you open a few skylights to disperse the smell after the decoration... The smell may disappear, but a material that "smells like the sky" from the beginning of the raw material, how much "tenderness" can you expect it to give you and your family in later use

an environmentally friendly product should be safe and healthy from early material selection to construction and installation, and "harmless to humans and animals"

so, have you ever seen someone wearing a mask during wall covering construction

after the construction of the wall cloth, the enclosed space needs to be dry in the dark without peculiar smell, which is just the opposite to the window ventilation after the construction of latex paint and diatom mud

unrestrained sense of use

invest your efforts and money. The decorated house is used to live and "enjoy"! You don't build a cage for yourself. You are timid and careful everywhere. So good care and good scrubbing of the parapet have become a hard target, which must be achieved

latex paint walls generally crack in about two years. The more they go north, the drier they become, and the shorter the service life of latex paint

emulsion paint wall cracks

the material of wallpaper is doomed to its fragility. The anti-collision parapet can't be expected. As for antifouling, waterproof and scrubbing... Now we are talking about the wall "paper", right? In addition, there are Wallpapers compounded with plastic film, which can be waterproof, but also airtight. You don't see the moldy and blackened appearance

as a fabric, the flexibility of the wall cloth has won at the starting line, preventing impact, protecting the wall, and extending the service life of the building. The permeability of the fiber also avoids mildew. After waterproof treatment, the wall cloth can be cleaned with detergent, soft brush and other tools when it is dirty

more powerful decorative effect

now in the market, the style of wall cloth has covered modern, light luxury, Chinese style, natural, European and American... And so on. Rich "options" and powerful decorative functions have built an insurmountable "dimensional wall" between flat and rigid other wall decorative building materials. After jacquard technology, the birth of embroidered wall cloth has made wall cloth a big step forward in the field of "three-dimensional sense"

at the same time, the wall cloth is easier to unify the decoration style. The wall cloth applied to different rooms can unify the styles of different rooms of the same house type through the flower patterns of the same color system and the same drawing system. The promotion of the concept of "whole house customization" also makes "your inspiration, unique" a reality. There are thousands of designs and colors of wall cloth. You can customize your personalized home instead of being the same as others

kroya wall cloth, a member brand of "China excellent wall decoration alliance". Strictly abide by the alliance's environmental protection standards 10 times higher than the national standard. It is green and environmental protection, and has passed the national authoritative certification

waterproof, antifouling, oil proof, dust-proof, anti-static - "five prevention" wall cloth, suitable for you who pursue a more unrestrained sense of use

koroya insists on originality! It has the largest design team in the industry, and maintains long-term strategic cooperation with more than 30 international top pattern design institutions. More than 3000 fashionable patterns give you more choices

with the brand core of "have a heart, have a line and have a future", kroya wallcovering advocates the brand idea of "house toHome", with original design, high-end products and attentive service, which has won the trust and praise of customers. Koroya follows the whole art and details engraving, and pays attention to the combination of aesthetics and practicality, realizing the "dream of coming home from the house" for people. Koroya integrates the wall cloth into art and art into life

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