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We can see that the current sunshine housing industry is still in the initial stage of growth, but the market competition has not weakened, but accelerated

we can see that the current sunshine housing industry is still in the initial stage of growth, but the market competition has not weakened but accelerated. From the perspective of competition, whether it is product innovation or concept elimination, the common characteristics of all aspects are testing the innovation ability of this industry. From products to brands, many of these links are constantly changing

however, due to the low maturity of the sunshine housing industry, the occupying power of the sunshine housing market is still balanced, so sunshine Housing enterprises should have a determination to stand at the top of the industry pyramid, but the realization of good wishes needs to be put into practical action, and investment attraction has become the primary goal in actual action. But how to achieve high-quality investment effect and establish diversified investment channels

exhibitions and investment promotion conferences are still good channels, and the emerging online investment promotion or other innovative investment promotion modes also shine

diversified channels cover all aspects, but their ultimate goals are the same, which are to better realize the transformation and upgrading of sunshine Housing enterprises in the case of homogenization, and at the same time establish unique advantages of enterprises in the waves of competition. There is no doubt about the diversified development path of sunshine housing industry in the future

in addition to having a clear positioning, sunshine Housing enterprises also need to improve their consumption awareness. At present, consumers' awareness of the brand in the sunshine housing market is still relatively weak, but this does not mean that sunshine Housing enterprises can achieve the first opportunity to seize market share as long as they immediately start the investment attraction mode

this investment model of seeking quick success and instant benefits will not only put sunshine Housing enterprises into trouble, but also disrupt the normal sunshine housing market. Therefore, sunshine Housing enterprises need to formulate a scientific plan for establishing diversified investment channels and implement it step by step. For small and medium-sized sunshine Housing enterprises, it is necessary to explore investment channels step by step in combination with their own conditions, and do not blindly follow the trend

for diversification, we must take specific consumer groups as the starting point, effectively integrate their ideas into products, show them in a diversified attitude, form obvious recognition in the competition, and help ourselves stand in the fierce competition

with the development of the Internet, the sunshine housing industry is also gradually opening the o2o mode. Offline experience and online purchase mode still have a long way to go for the building materials industry

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