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In recent years, affected by the sluggish shopping environment, the homogenization of door and window commodities has become more and more serious, resulting in the market of door and window shopping malls is not optimistic, and some manufacturers have even fallen into today's shopping malls crisis. Some door and window manufacturers who want to grasp the development prospect are initially committed to the development of new products, and the stable shopping mall is to have a stable process. It is necessary for door and window manufacturers to master the ability to win the shopping mall

the first period: Commodity breaking

generally speaking, in the early stage of mall development, door and window manufacturers need to carry out the implementation of commodities, which constitutes an outstanding preliminary stage of the mall. It is necessary for door and window manufacturers to strengthen innovation, add commodity research and development, and provide more door and window commodities for consumers. Add the R & D ability of the manufacturer's door and window products together, provide more door and window products for consumers, and satisfy the spending needs of the shopping malls. Therefore, doors and windows can have brand influence only if they are broken in commodities

the second period: form a commodity group

break around the existing commodities of the manufacturer, extend new commodities, and use the commodity group to fight back strategically in the mall. A single commodity is simply invaded by other competitive commodities. A single commodity will simply constitute a brand, that is, a kind of scene, which will cause all the offensive forces to focus on one commodity, and the commodity group can provide consumers with more choice space

the second period: constitute the commodity structure

in today's consumer shopping malls, the single level commodity structure is still problematic. Only when there is structure can there be strategy. Door and window manufacturers should make strategic combinations of goods to meet the needs of consumers at different levels. In Chinese shopping malls, the quotation war of low-end goods cannot be prevented, which is determined by the needs of consumers and the characteristics of shopping malls. Manufacturers can't avoid quotation. They should automatically welcome the quotation war and use it to defeat their opponents

therefore, door and window manufacturers need to constantly improve themselves during the three periods of Anwen shopping mall. Only by doing a good job of door and window commodities together and ensuring the high quality of door and window commodities can we obtain the driving force for sustainable development





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