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The wall peels off, the floor tiles are hollow, the wooden floor is upturned, and the bathroom leaks... Many people will encounter these troubles soon after moving into their new home, watching the new home become scarred and bruised

the wall peels off, the floor tiles are hollow, the wooden floor is upturned, and the bathroom leaks... Many people will encounter these troubles soon after moving into their new home. Watching the new home become scarred and bruised, no one will not feel sad. Therefore, we have questioned the quality of housing. In fact, for these problems, it is not because of our own housing problems, but because the home decoration is not done well

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whether you choose to decorate DIY by yourself or entrust a decoration company to decorate, watching your home begin to decorate, you can't help thinking of those ridiculous but unavoidable psychological misunderstandings that you appeared before the decoration. Fortunately, you didn't do so. I hope you netizens can take warning

myth 1: at a loss - I don't know what to want

Mr. Li has always felt that he is a "rookie" and lacks experience, so when decorating his house, he paid great attention to the practices of people around him, and then cloned it. You think the good things used by others have naturally been tested. Often, you see the pictures here today and feel that the style there is good tomorrow. As a result, you really have to tell the designer that it is not suitable for your own space size, or you don't consider the practicality of decoration, or because the choice is too secure, the decoration style lacks personality and goes with the tide

a few years ago, he remembered that every house he went to had floor curtains, uniform rectangular door jambs, and walnut furniture everywhere... Home decoration of "teahouse style" and "ballroom style" can be found everywhere. God, the more you think about it, the more the same

now think about it. In fact, no matter how much you know about decoration, you should maintain your independent thinking. Anyway, if you pay, try your best to let the decoration company realize your dream of home for you

Myth 2: greed - want everything

in the process of decoration, people tend to wander around. Today, they feel high-grade and tasteful when sticking Wallpaper; Tomorrow, I feel that without wallpaper, it looks simple and personalized; I feel great when I see the wooden floor of others' house; Also reluctant to slip, easy to clean floor tiles. As a result, I wanted to do everything. As a result, when I first communicated with the designer, I talked about hype. What I wanted in this way and where I wanted was kindly reminded by the designer one by one, which turned into rhetoric, making the overall style nondescript and even hidden dangers

in fact, many times, home furnishings should be changed under a unified style. Too many changes should be reflected in the highlights of some details to add a different feeling to the home

myth 3: recklessness - just want to have a friend of your own

who thinks that it's great to have some decoration knowledge. Hehe, in fact, it's "three legged cat" Kung Fu. When he was decorating, he originally said that he would completely build a "post-modernism fashionable residential house" by himself. It was found that the original practice was still greater than theory, so he hired a decoration company again. Then, no matter in the design draft or the specific decoration, it was not carried out according to his own will. As a result, due to lack of experience, the decoration was often faced with repeated or even redone. People had to practice their skills when learning cars. He was good. Well, he practiced his skills with his own house! The decoration of the house has not been completed from spring to autumn. When it comes to his new home, the flowers have withered and haven't gone yet. Now he has completely let go, and the fashionable folk house has become a distant thing

therefore, professional problems are still done by professional people. It is good to have professional knowledge, especially involving some key problems. We need to remember this in the process of decoration

myth 4: carelessness - don't need it.

when it comes to decoration, it's annoying. It involves a lot of trivial things, which requires everyone to spend a lot of time and energy to deal with. In particular, we should pay serious attention to some important details, such as the leakage prevention of the bathroom, the installation of wires, and the acceptance of the floor. These places can't be ignored, otherwise, you can think that there is a leak downstairs today, The switch is found broken tomorrow, and the wall is a little damaged the day after tomorrow

it doesn't matter if you don't have experience. When purchasing building materials, people can pay attention everywhere and ask the seller about the areas that need special attention in decoration. When purchasing main materials, you should ask in detail the key points that need to be paid attention to in decoration materials, so that you can have a definite goal when you are checking

myth 5: flashy - it's too fierce to want

Mr. Liu also felt that the house was a lifelong thing, pursuing high-end effects. Therefore, regardless of his own affordability and the overall characteristics of the house, he adhered to the principle of "not the best I don't use". No matter where the most expensive materials must be used, he must choose to buy the most expensive decorations. He even planned to use complex ceilings, large-area wainscots, complex stone floor mosaic, etc. fortunately, with the advice of the designer, he stopped at the precipice to avoid becoming a "loser". In fact, I feel that liquid wallpaper can meet the needs of most people

now think about it, the concept of home decoration should be simple, environmentally friendly and adaptable. What kind of conditions you are, you should use what kind of things, so that you can live reliably

myth 6: stingy - don't want anything

there is another friend who does his best when buying a house, so he tends to buy cheap goods in the process of decoration in order to save money. Although saving is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, he ignores the most important practicality and durability of decoration. He is not willing to spend money on high-end floor tiles. As a result, the floor tiles purchased are not wear-resistant. Within a year, the floor tiles will be stamped, making people feel as if his house has been occupied by a lot, and the floor tiles that are too cheap are not anti-skid and easy to slip

therefore, decoration is often "one price, one goods", and the money that should not be saved is resolutely not saved, which I support very much

if we pay a little attention in the decoration process, the completion can avoid the above problems. I hope you will remember these items. In fact, it means communicating more with design companies and decoration companies, avoiding the above-mentioned psychological misunderstandings in the process of decoration, and doing your best to make your home more comfortable and beautiful





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