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From August 13 to 15, 2015, York made a wonderful appearance in the 20th China (Shanghai) wallpaper cloth carpet and home soft decoration exhibition. The home hotline and the reporter of wallpaper world interviewed Qin Zhuzhu, general manager of York, on the exhibition site

home hotline reported that York made a wonderful appearance at the 20th China (Shanghai) wallpaper, cloth, carpet and home soft decoration exhibition from August 13 to 15, 2015, attracting the attention of many dealers and industry elites. Home hotline and wallpaper world reporters interviewed York general manager Qin Zhuzhu at the exhibition site

on site interview guests: Qin Zhuzhu, general manager of York wallpaper

Figure 1: York's costumes appeared at the 2015 Shanghai wallpaper exhibition, and the exhibition hall design showed atmosphere

home hotline: Hello, President Qin, in recent days, the incident of "police in York exhibition hall" has been widely spread. Many people have put forward various guesses about this incident. Can you explain to us, what is the matter

President Qin: first of all, thank you for your concern about this matter. I'm here to explain the process of this matter to you. The reason why the police came to our exhibition hall was that some time ago, two employees left their jobs and there were some disputes. They came to help deal with some things. Then it happens that some units and individuals use this matter to hype. First of all, the person who hyped and the company was dishonest and made a false report. Of course, I was also ready to call the police, which caused losses to my reputation and reputation. Of course, if they break the law, someone will take care of it. I hope that all of you, including the dealers, will stop spreading such unclear facts. I hope you will support us

Figure 2: York general manager Qin Zhuzhu accepted an exclusive interview with Huiya information ・ home hotline reporter

home hotline: because of the misinformation of this matter, many dealers are worried about whether York's exhibition will continue, and even doubt whether York's exhibition will be successful. What do you think of this

president Qin: our exhibition activities will continue. In the next step, our brand planning will also continue. The more people slander us, the more we need to strengthen our confidence. We will make a more detailed and better plan for the next product development and operation of our company, and we will work harder and give back more support to consumers

home hotline: what new products did York bring to the exhibition? What are the highlights

president Qin: we have published four new editions this year, and the dealers and customers have responded well and provided us with a lot of opinions. We have also carefully absorbed these opinions. In the next step of product development, we will have a good communication with designers and factories, hoping to bring you better and better products

Figure 3: York exhibition hall, simple and atmospheric

home hotline: what is York's development plan in the next six months or the next few years

president Qin: we have made a general assumption about the products, including the overall operation. Now York is only involved in wallpaper. Next, we plan to segment the market and strive to launch more and better products to provide services to consumers. We have planned various categories of home furnishing and soft decoration, and will conduct more in-depth cooperation with Huiya information. In addition, we are going to set up a brand management company to include our brand into this brand management company. There are various building materials industries such as home furnishing, soft decoration and wooden doors, which is equivalent to comprehensive development. That is, we are committed to establishing a large home furnishing group to better develop towards this goal





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