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Linde brings intelligent automobile logistics solutions to the live broadcast room

Linde brings intelligent automobile logistics solutions to the live broadcast room

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since 18 years ago, the automotive industry has entered a market adjustment period, ending the high-speed growth of the past 20 years and entering a micro growth period. The competitive pressure of the automotive industry has further increased, and digital transformation has become the general trend. How to use the latest technology of logistics equipment and digital equipment to prepare new materials? How to empower the automobile industry based on Intelligent Logistics Innovation and help relevant enterprises in the automobile industry to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase? How to achieve the rise and sustained development in the post epidemic era? It has become a topic of thinking about logistics in the automotive industry

on October 30, Linde joined the live broadcast of the Automobile Logistics Conference held by mm modern manufacturing with a new plan for the automobile industry. In the 30 minute live broadcast, Mr. gaozhongyin, sales manager of Linde (China) system solutions and mobile robots, shared Linde's intelligent material handling solutions in the automotive industry, and comprehensively demonstrated Linde's logistics solutions in the automotive industry from the aspects of application scenario process refinement, digital management, automation upgrading, Linde's handling robot solutions, etc, Participate in the live broadcast room interaction and answer the audience's questions when the equipment does not need to use water during operation. The live broadcasting room was very lively, and the scene was once hot, with tens of thousands of people

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automobile logistics plays a bridge role in the industrial chain of the automobile industry and plays an important role in the logistics field. During the live broadcast, Mr. gaozhongyin mentioned: "The realization of intelligent upgrading of logistics system can not only improve logistics efficiency and save comprehensive logistics operation costs, but also greatly simplify operation steps, reduce error rate and reduce job fatigue. From the popularization of job collaboration technology after process refinement, to digital lean management, and then to a new starting point for automation upgrading. Linde hopes to give full play to the advantages of technology and services in the transformation of logistics system in the automotive industry and help with intelligent upgrading."

in recent years, Linde has been deeply involved in the logistics layout of the original jjg159 ⑵ 008 small load material testing machine and small force value testing machine in the automotive field, improving the intelligent level of logistics facilities in the automotive industry through technical means, continuously improving the logistics efficiency of the automotive supply chain, and making contributions to reducing the logistics cost of the automotive industry

if you are interested in our automobile logistics solutions, you can go back to the live broadcast room. Look forward to the next time. See you live

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