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Lightweight design drives the demand for PC car skylights higher

in recent years, lightweight design has become the mainstream direction of the development of the automotive industry. Affected by this, automotive plastics are gradually replacing metal materials because of their lightweight advantages. At present, the panoramic skylight, which is produced by carbonated polyester (PC) in the market and becomes the cooperative business of "green action plan", is more and more favored by car buyers

according to Webasto, a well-known German auto parts supplier, the boom of panoramic sunroof is quietly rising all over the world. In recent years, China's auto sunroof market has grown rapidly. According to the latest data, every three cars produced in China are equipped with skylights or panoramic skylights

compared with equal volume glass, the net weight of PC sunroof is only 50% of its weight. With the concept of automobile lightweight becoming more and more popular, Webasto believes that the development potential of PC sunroof market is huge. 2. experimental force grading: stepless speed regulation at present, the company has become the designated supplier of Volkswagen Golf A7 vehicle sunroof

webasto experts say that although the density of PC is only 50% of that of glass, the impact resistance of this material is very outstanding. Volkswagen Gore printed and distributed the opinions on resolving excess production capacity in the coal industry in 2017 and other documents. The PC skylight of the A7 model is 98 cm long, nearly 1 m wide, and its total weight is only 1.2 kg

webasto predicts that in the next five years, PC materials, known as "rubber gold" in the industry, will be more and more widely used in automobile skylights, and its annual demand growth rate is expected to exceed 20%. Holger Engelmann, CEO of Webasto, confidently said: "in the near future, PC sunroof will occupy an important share in the global automotive market."

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