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Lijunwei: the turnover and coverage of rebar futures have increased in the four years since they were listed.

rebar futures was listed in 2009. In the past four and a half years, our operation has been relatively good, and we have become the world's largest steel futures for four consecutive years, with a relatively large coverage. Li Junwei, executive director of the gold and steel Department of Shanghai Futures Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Futures Exchange), said at the 2014 China steel market outlook and my steel annual meeting held recently

as the world's largest producer and consumer of steel, China has a spot basis for developing relevant financial derivatives. Looking back on history, the last period Institute launched the wire rod futures contract in 1994. After the laws and regulations system and market development became more and more mature, it officially launched the rebar futures on March 27, 2009

according to lijunwei, in 2013, the exchange added delivery warehouses in Guangzhou and Xuzhou in addition to covering major domestic rebar enterprises. Next year, it plans to further increase the delivery coverage and continue to expand the market influence of rebar futures

according to its report, from March 27, 2009 to November 28, 2013 (unilateral statistics, 10 tons per hand), the cumulative trading volume of rebar futures in the previous period reached 930million, with a cumulative trading volume of 37.4 trillion yuan, an average daily trading volume of 817000, and an average daily trading volume of 32.98 billion yuan. It has become the world's largest steel futures for four consecutive years

in January of this year, rebar futures became a success. By combining this kind of PCL material with the same 3D printable calcium phosphate (TCP), the turnover and trading volume rose again year-on-year, with a cumulative turnover of 278million hands (2.78 billion tons), an average daily turnover of 1.285 million hands (12.85 million tons), and an average daily turnover of 47.92 billion yuan

according to the report provided by the exchange, rebar futures in the previous period ranked first in the global commodity trading activity, and also ranked in the top 10 among all global financial derivatives, including stock indexes, options and other commodities, and was the only commodity trade in the top 10

although the trading volume and transaction amount are huge, the enterprise households mainly focusing on insurance and hedging are the main customers of rebar futures, and have not deviated from the guidance of focusing on the real economy. Our screw thread steel output has accounted for 53.5% of the national output, and the trading volume has basically maintained at more than 10%. Many enterprises are hedging, not like speculators who make frequent turnover. It is easy to clamp the chuck firmly at 25mm from the outer end of the flexible adhesive

lijunwei said that since its operation for more than four years, the market function of the deformed steel bar of the Institute in the previous period has initially appeared, and the trend of current prices tends to be the same. At present, the correlation coefficient between rebar futures price and spot prices in Shanghai and Tianjin has reached 0 Around September 9, there was also a pattern that had an impact on the spot price

in terms of delivery, lijunwei said that rebar futures have delivered a total of 1.198 million tons so far. With the release of the second batch of national standardized list (i.e. the list of the second batch of enterprises that meet the standard conditions for the iron and steel industry issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology of China), the exchange will cooperate with more steel enterprises to register the futures delivery brand

generally speaking, the operation of our rebar futures is very good. Li Junwei concluded

there is still a large market space for the development of this extruder industry. He also mentioned that at present, the preliminary preparations for the listing of hot rolled coil futures have been completed and are being submitted for approval. If it can be successfully launched, it will be the third steel futures variety under the Institute in the previous period after wire rod and rebar

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