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Wang Changjin, chairman of Zhengda Hardware, a professional talent, adheres to the process of creating an eternal memorial.


commemorative badges or degree badges often seen in graduation ceremonies. When enterprises celebrate their founding anniversary, they often issue commemorative coins or commemorative badges to senior and excellent employees, or they often see jewelry grade craft metal jewelry worn by royal family members in Royal celebrations in European countries on television. For those who hold but often some users choose a 3M model when their experimental space is about 2m, these small and beautiful metal badge products have different stories and deep memories behind them. Wangchangjin, chairman of Zhengda Hardware, is the hero behind these metal badges or ornaments

Zhengda Hardware was founded in 1974, specializing in metal hardware gifts such as metal jewelry, medals and badges. At the beginning of its establishment, it was mainly to win export orders. Next, Jinan Shijin introduced the basic knowledge of the frequency converter of the electronic universal experimental machine. In order to solve various problems, the frequency converter of the electronic universal experimental machine can install an air conditioning system. After 2000, it began to enter the domestic metal hardware gift market. Under the leadership of wangchangjin, Zhengda Hardware attaches great importance to quality and value. I. display mode: XP test software + computer screen display, so it can win the entrustment of major manufacturers at home and abroad to produce various metal hardware gifts

it is worth mentioning that the products of Zhengda Hardware are all made by experienced masters, and their quality can be comparable to jewelry grade metal jewelry, so they have won important orders for many international large-scale events, including being designated as the manufacturer of American rose cart parade badge, and former US President Reagan's inauguration commemorative coins are also from Zhengda Hardware, The most famous Harley locomotive jewelry and key ring in the heavy locomotive industry are also made by Zhengda

as for large domestic enterprises such as TSMC, Delta, Asustek, and China International Trade Federation, some of the commemorative gold coins or various medals given to employees during the anniversary celebration or commemorative activities are also from Zhengda Hardware

wangchangjin said that in the early stage, the company was mainly export-oriented, and the export areas were mainly Europe, America and the Middle East. Most of the customers were European customers, because the European market required the quality of such products

Zhengda Hardware began to sell in the domestic market after about 2000. One of the reasons for switching to the domestic market is that it is facing competition from mainland manufacturers. Wangchangjin said that metal hardware gifts are a labor-intensive industry. Mainland operators have risen to seize the international market cheaply, so Zhengda Hardware began to strive for business opportunities in the domestic market

there are two extreme developments in the metal hardware gift market. One is to take the cheap route, but the quality and texture are relatively low and rough. The other is to focus on high-quality and high-end products, which is the main development market of Zhengda Hardware

metal hardware gifts are a small number and diverse. In addition, they should have high quality and high texture, so they have become a handicraft grade market, which requires manual labor. The biggest challenge facing this market at present is that there are relatively no new blood talents willing to learn

wangchangjin said that although many enterprises are facing the problem of talent shortage, the talent gap in the metal and hardware gift market is very obvious. After the retirement of many skilled teachers, there are few new talents. Another problem is that the related precious metal materials or parts outsourcing factories are slowly closed down because they can not find talents

according to Wang Changjin, the market for metal and hardware gifts is still optimistic, because the market demand is increasing, but the difficulty to continue development is to solve the problems of production and talents. Wangchangjin said that Zhengda Hardware still has advantages in the high-quality market. Many Japanese peers cannot find talents, so they transfer their orders to Zhengda Hardware. Many friends don't know what the 4-ball experimental machine is for. An important technology is metal polishing. The stronger the industry, the more sophisticated it is. Although many materials are also produced in Taiwan, the texture made in Japan is still much worse. For Zhengda Hardware, market change is an opportunity. In the future, it will still adhere to the high-quality market and continue to strive for technical excellence

Da Ren profile

birth: 42 years in the Republic of China, 66 years old

Education: high school graduation

experience: China sand salesman

current position: Chairman of Zhengda Hardware

Da Ren's motto

seeking truth from facts

striving for perfection

Wang Changjin's motto is "seeking truth from facts, striving for perfection", which is very consistent with Wang Changjin's down-to-earth work personality. Wangchangjin said that we should be sincere to people and strive for perfection in quality. One is the attitude of being a person and the other is the attitude of doing things. We should be practical in doing things and both are equally important

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