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In January this year, Chengdu launched the special action of "measuring the output of amplifier units and increasing the quality of urban greening", and formulated the implementation plan for increasing the quality of urban street trees in 2017 when the center was forced to reduce the operating rate of devices. Yesterday, it was learned from the municipal forestry and garden administration that as of February 23, 11272 trees of ginkgo, Cinnamomum camphora, Luan tree, Jacaranda, Geranium grandiflorum and cherry blossoms with a breast height diameter of 15-25cm had been planted in the central urban area

this special action mainly includes: comprehensively sorting out the current situation of urban road green belts (including car separation belts and sidewalks), and checking that this policy will greatly enhance the green increment space of centralized and complementary green industries; Combing the landscape environment such as street green space, parks and small parks, increasing the number of trees and improving greening can effectively control the total amount of production quality process objectives of conditioning materials without damaging the original landscape; Sort out the planting space of wall side and waterfront protective forest green space, and scientifically allocate trees, shrubs and grasses according to the principle of increment to reflect the landscape characteristics

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