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When there are small problems in going out and entering the house in life, the intelligent function of Samsung smart lock can always resolve the dilemma, which is so outstanding

today, Samsung smart lock will introduce you to a person like a great God. We don't need to hurry to reveal who he is. Let's look at his story first. I believe you can guess who he is after watching his outstanding performance in the story

Story 1

I heard that girls in Shanghai are exquisite pig girls, while girls in Beijing are Pig, as a member of the Beipiao family, Miss P is a lovely pig. Yes, it's right. After eating a working meal for five days, it's finally time for the weekend. It's time to kick off eating again. Miss P is going to invite friends to come home for dinner this time. The food she makes herself can always taste better. When Miss P's food order was issued, she went out to the supermarket to buy

sure enough, it's the same world and the same batch of food. Miss P's friends rushed to miss P's house immediately after receiving the convening order. What's embarrassing is that Miss P is shopping for food materials, and there is no one at home. What should we do? At this time, Miss P's phone rang:

friend: we are at your door. Where have you been

Miss P: so fast, I'm still in the supermarket.

friend: where shall we wait for you

Miss P: don't panic ~ it's time to show the real technology. I'll unlock it for you with my mobile phone ~

it turns out that Miss P has a Samsung smart door lock installed at her home. When you go out, you can set a one-time temporary password through the mobile app to avoid relatives and friends waiting for a long time. Thanks to this function, Miss P can purchase at ease, without letting her friends wait outside the door

Story 2

d recently upgraded to a new father, had a lovely baby, and became a parent for the first time. For men, it's even more hectic in front of the baby, especially when the baby's mother is away, the whole person is in a panic

one morning, the baby finally fell asleep on Mr. D's arm. At this time, the doorbell rang, and Mr. D's mother was outside the door calling him to open the door quickly. What should we do? The baby woke up. Alas, he just fell asleep...

by the way, Mr. D remembered that the Samsung smart lock at home could be unlocked with the mobile app. Mr. D quickly picked up his mobile phone and opened the door for his mother. Thanks to this function, he opened the door for his mother without waking the baby

when there are small problems in going out and entering the house in life, the intelligent function of Samsung smart lock can always solve the dilemma, which is so outstanding




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