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Now people's life is getting better and better, and there are more and more clothes, so it is very necessary to design a wardrobe at home, so that you can store your favorite clothes and make the bedroom cleaner. However, in order to give children a healthy guardian, some problems that must be avoided must also be known. Next, I will introduce the key points of the wardrobe design in children's room

key points of wardrobe design in children's room

1. Environmental protection design

many parents choose bright colors when designing wardrobe for their children, and ignore the environmental protection of furniture. In fact, there are many harmful substances in furniture, so they should be very careful when choosing. Therefore, for the wardrobe in children's room, try to choose pure solid wood material to minimize the harm

2. Size design

there is no special standard for the size of the wardrobe in children's room. It mainly depends on the size of the room. If the room area is relatively large, try to make the wardrobe larger, so that it is convenient for children to use when they grow up

3. Vent design

many people think that the wardrobe is best to be dense. In fact, this is a wrong idea. Because there are more or less some chemical components in the furniture production process, and the wardrobe should be breathable so that the clothes can better contact the skin and avoid odor

4. Door panel design

the door panel used in the wardrobe of children's room is better to choose a thicker plate, so that the wardrobe will be more solid and durable

5. Pulley design

the quality of the pulley used by a good brand will also be better. The material used is made of carbon glass fiber, with balls, which can be easily pushed and pulled. It is very convenient to use. Moreover, a good pulley will also be designed with two anti jump devices to ensure the sliding safety of the cabinet door, which is also the embodiment of humanized design

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