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The house is finished immediately, and the rest is to add furniture. At this time, we must not relax our vigilance; In the wardrobe exhibition hall, those simple, fashionable or classic wardrobe always make people have the desire to buy. In addition to storing clothes, the appearance of the wardrobe is also very important, but the overall important thing is quality. Therefore, when selecting the wardrobe, you must not be confused by its beautiful appearance. You should be particularly careful that some low-end products are shoddy. For example, some of the surface is glossy and shiny. In fact, it is made by pasting a layer of paint film on the substrate board. There is a significant gap between the performance and melamine surface. This kind of products, It is often the product of some small workshops. So do we have a way to identify the quality of the wardrobe? Xiaobian told you that there are many details on the door panel and the body of the wardrobe, so let's analyze them. Don't be confused by the appearance when choosing a wardrobe. The overall wardrobe brand is Deville


at present, most of the wardrobe materials on the market are plates, so this gives some small enterprises an opportunity to take advantage of. The quality of plates is 369, and the benefit price difference of good inspection is very large. These small workshops taste buds seek greater benefits. The cabinet materials are shoddy, confuse the name, and pass off non original products as original brand products. This kind of low-cost slogan uses inferior products. Although the appearance is no different from other products, it is certain that after a long time, it will appear immediately, and the plate will crack and swell. So when you choose a wardrobe, you must check it carefully and pay attention to the details

door panel

the wardrobe is the furniture that is not often changed at home, so the quality must be guaranteed, so naturally it is required to have a certain load-bearing capacity. According to the national standards and specifications, the thickness of the wardrobe door panel is about 9 cm to ensure that the wardrobe is not easy to deform, but there is also a special case. The wardrobe with glass door is slightly different from the wardrobe with wooden door, and the thickness of each glass should not be less than 5 cm. For example, if two layers of glass are used to clip decorative pieces, such as weaving, rattan art, etc., because the glass slot is only 9 cm wide, the glass is too thin, which is easy to leave safety hazards, Therefore, this kind of decoration technique has been less and less used now

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