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Household Feng Shui plays an important role in today's society. The feng shui of Chinese decoration in the living room has a great relationship with family fortunes and family harmony. Today, Xiaobian will explain the Feng Shui know-how of Chinese decoration in the living room, and then look down

Feng Shui color tips for Chinese living room decoration

the main color of Chinese living room decoration is not the main reason for Feng Shui layout. It is necessary to achieve the energy balance between pattern and five elements. Choosing the right color according to different directions of the living room can add points to Feng Shui. The following is a detailed explanation:

true north business -- black and blue

the true north direction of Chinese decoration in the living room represents business, and the color is blue or black. It is water-based. This location can put some water-based items, which can be of great help to the cause of residents, such as bathtubs, waterworks, landscape paintings, etc. Black metal ornaments can also be placed, just as the so-called black gold can produce water

Zhengnan fame and fortune -- red

the Zhengnan orientation of Chinese decoration in the living room represents fame and fortune, especially for some residents who are responsible for their livelihood. Zhengnan belongs to the fire line, which can be used in red. Such a good arrangement of Feng Shui can bring recognition of fame to the family, and pictures of sunrise, Phoenix, fire crane and so on can be hung on the decoration. Red wooden crafts are also OK. Pay attention not to put a mirror. The mirror belongs to water. Water extinguishes fire, which is very unlucky

Zhengdong health transportation -- green

Zhengdong, which is decorated in Chinese style in the living room, represents health transportation. This area can prevent some lush plants, which is very helpful to the health and longevity of residents. It can also place landscape paintings, because water can raise trees

Northwest noble people's movement -- white

the northwest direction of the Chinese decoration of the living room indicates the energy of things. This area belongs to the gold line, and the color can be white, gold and silver metal jewelry, which helps to enhance interpersonal relations and noble people's movement. For example, you can string six ancient coins with a red rope or hang six empty metal wind chimes here

Northeast Wenchang Yun -- yellow

the northeast of the Chinese decoration of the living room is Wenchang Yun. If there are children at home taking the exam, we should make a good layout in this direction. This area belongs to rabbit, which can be colored yellow and painted. For example, ceramic vase is very suitable to enhance energy, and natural crystal has the same effect

luck in the Southwest -- yellow

the southwest orientation of Chinese decoration in the living room represents luck in the southwest. If you want to increase your love luck, you can put chandeliers or desk lamps, natural crystals, etc. in this earthy way. It is conducive to the harmonious relationship between husband and wife and the opportunity for singles to fall in love

editor's summary: the above is the Chinese style decoration Feng Shui color know-how of the living room arranged by Xiaobian. I hope to help people with Chinese style home furnishings in Feng Shui furnishings. Of course, in addition to Chinese style Feng Shui, other styles of Feng Shui also pay attention to. If you want to know more, please pay attention




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