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2019 blue whale exhibition · Shanghai station press conference ended perfectly

at 2:00 p.m. on June 14, 2 improve international competitiveness 019 blue whale exhibition · Shanghai station press conference and East China whale customer appreciation and exchange meeting (hereinafter referred to as "2019 blue whale Exhibition") was successfully held in Shanghai aido coffee. The theme of the press conference was "blue whale, ready to go"

list of some guests attending the meeting

chairman of flexographic printing branch of China Printing Technology Association/zhoujianbao

Secretary General of flexographic printing branch of China Printing Technology Association/shijianping

Executive Deputy Secretary General of commercial paper printing branch of China Printing Technology Association/wulingdi

Executive Deputy Secretary General of packaging machinery committee of Shanghai Packaging Technology Association/Qiu Renjian

Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Printing Industry Association/Geng Hanqing

teacher of Shanghai Publishing and Printing College/fuwanying

Strategic Development Department of Shanghai printing (Group) Co., Ltd./yangyongfei

Executive Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Plastics Engineering Technology Association/Xu Xingxiang

Longkun media Shanghai China Exhibition Operation Director/Xu Linglong

chief editor of China packaging information/Miao Weimin

chief editor of Si AI flexible printing/Wang Yang

China printing media/Fu Yating

PAM business consultation General manager of (Shanghai) Co., Ltd./general manager of wuchaowu

Ruitong culture media (Shanghai) Co., Ltd./CEO of Wang Zhan

Baolian/Yan Yimin

Shanghai packaging Executive deputy editor in chief of the magazine/general manager of cuiqingbin

paper Butler/fanguanyou

co founder of Libang printing/CEO of Zhouyang


China Plastic Film Industry Research Institute/general manager of zhuzhuhong

packaging enterprise/Ding Daofeng

project manager of Shanghai Huake Exhibition Service Co., Ltd./songwenhao

my general manager of printing/Zhou ya

Shanghai packaging Magazine/majiawei

general manager of dada printing talent/Zhang Jian

editor in chief of keyin media/Liu Zhen

flexographer/Li Shuai

marketing manager of Shanghai yinsou culture media Co., Ltd./hanjinrui

friction speed between brake disc and brake pad during braking in Zhejiang 60 ⑺ 0m/s general manager of Hongsheng Machinery Co., Ltd./Ruan Jinshu

general manager of Yunbo (Shanghai) IOT Technology Co., Ltd./Qiu Jianming

Yunbo a Marketing Director of (Shanghai) IOT Technology Co., Ltd./chenhanming

flexo printing director of Shanghai Yuncheng plate making group/peiwujun

sanqihong electromechanical (Shanghai) Sales director of the company/Qu Xin

marketing director of Jingdezhen Zhongjing printing machine Co., Ltd./xionglinbin

Qingdao leydi Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd./lichuanbing

general manager of Shanghai Longxuan Printing Technology Co., Ltd./zhangshilong

general manager of Shanghai lanli image Co., Ltd./Luo Xin

Shanghai Haoxing International Trade Co., Ltd./Liu Bin

senior manager of foreign affairs of Government Relations Department of France autajon group/Xu Jie

general manager of Shanghai Security Printing Co., Ltd./zhangyueming

general manager of Shanghai Yijiu Printing Co., Ltd./wangwenying

marketing manager of Shanghai Xinjun packaging materials Co., Ltd./zhangzhongshan

allidenison (China) At the beginning of the event, zhoujianbao, chairman of the flexible printing branch of China Printing Technology Association, gave an opening speech as the guiding guest of the press conference

the development of flexo printing is accelerating in China. More and more enterprises begin to use flexo printing technology for production. The flexo printing branch of China Printing Technology Association is now in its fifth year. As the leader of flexo printing technology, the flexo printing branch has the obligation to promote flexo printing. Chairman Zhou disclosed the "blue book" of flexographic printing industry in advance at the meeting, and said that he would further study and optimize the supply chain of plate making process, plate material, ink, environmental protection equipment and flexographic printing machine in the future, so as to improve production efficiency, improve printing quality, reduce comprehensive costs, and explore a larger market for China's flexographic printing industry

chairman Zhou and blue whale "made an affinity" at the 2017 blue whale exhibition. From the Suzhou flexographic printing forum in 2017 to the upcoming cooperation in Shanghai New International Expo Center in 2019, the flexographic printing branch of China Printing Technology Association has been guiding the development direction of blue whale and will go further and further in the future

Songmei, the project director of Shanghai International Exhibition, and Drucker differential pressure transmitter occupy the market category. After analyzing the current situation of labels and flexible packaging, the leading lady introduced the industry trend of labels and flexible packaging through several groups of data. Ms. Songmei said: there is a lot of pressure in the soft bag market, so we need to make a risk plan. Enterprises in the label field should not rush to extend to the soft package, and be ready to wait for the market to pick up

subsequently, Mr. lihongtao, general manager of Shanghai panoramic exhibition, took the stage as the spokesperson of 2019 blue whale exhibition. He introduced the highlights and latest progress of this exhibition through four "whale actions"

1. The blue whale exhibition has been successfully held twice in Suzhou International Expo Center and has become famous in the industry. It has been moved to Shanghai in 2019 and is about to spread its wings in July

2. Whale launch

since 2017, as the founder of blue whale exhibition, President Li has always demonstrated to the industry the determination of blue whale on the road

3. Whale release

on July, 2019, the blue whale exhibition will be launched again in Shanghai New International Expo Center. President Li announced the latest progress of the 2019 blue whale exhibition to the public for the first time:

the W5 hall will be the starting point of the Shanghai exhibition, providing greater convenience for exhibitors and visitors

reached cooperation with the aluminum industry exhibition in w1-w4 hall in the same period, providing more opportunities for cross-border and contemporaneous forums

25 open space exhibitors showed the exhibition effect pictures on site, and the cool booth design will pave the way for the popularity of the exhibition

four featured exhibition areas: CSMA area, Lanjing yinsou cultural and creative exhibition area, excellent printing enterprise exhibition area and VIP buyer exchange area

the exhibition has rich activities in the same period. From the China self-adhesive materials conference and the award ceremony of the label industry on the evening of July 9 to the two-day surprise filled forum sharing, blue whale has been working hard to provide integrated resources for the industry. 2019 will carry forward the past and forge ahead into the future and continue to write glory

4. Whale distribution

in order to thank more than 50 guests for their arrival, the blue whale team prepared a beautiful hand gift for each guest

in the cafe with quiet environment, today is not so much a press conference as an exchange gathering of industry friends

as the exhibitor representative of blue whale 2019, Mr. ruanjushu of Hongsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the press conference and speak on the stage. Having been involved in the printing industry for 28 years, Hongsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a dark horse in the field of label printing equipment manufacturing in China. Through continuous research and development, two new series of models, HSG series unit type flexographic printer (roller type) and HSR series unit type flexographic printer (sleeve type), were launched at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 respectively. At the Shanghai Exhibition in July, Hongsheng will make an appearance with HSR series (sleeve type) and HSG series unit type flexographic printing machines (roller type)

then, President Qiu of Yunbo company showed the Haibo digital inkjet multi-function label printing machine to the guests through a video. Mr. Qiu said: "In China, we are the first enterprise to truly put flexographic printing and digital products on the market. Hybrid printing machines are full of charm. How to make products with the highest efficiency, lowest cost and highest quality is the market demand of Yunbo itself.

xionglinbin, marketing director of Jingdezhen Zhongjing printing machine Co., Ltd., introduced the product line of Zhongjing machinery in five minutes. BASF introduced the product line of Zhongjing machinery in He has rich experience in using biodegradable compostable bags to collect and compost organic food waste around the world. He said that the flexographic printing model is already a red sea product and hopes to reflect the excellence of the medium range through the difference of the medium range

the conference ended with applause. Thank you again for the presence and guidance of many industry leaders and guests and industry media

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