The preparations for the third China International

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The preparations for the third China International all printing exhibition went smoothly

the third China International all printing exhibition with the theme of gathering printing power, CO sponsored by China Printing Technology Association, China Institute of Printing Science and technology, dusse 6, and steel wire rope horizontal tensile testing machine with breaking protection function erdorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd., will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on November, 2008

on November 8, 2006, only two sessions of China International all printing exhibition were held. At the annual meeting of the International Exhibition Industry Association (FI) held in Beijing, u was certified by the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI) and became a UFI approved event

China International all print exhibition has been highly praised by the industry for its service, quality, scale, professionalism and international influence. Once the news was sent, the main organizer received many exhibitors' inquiries and applications. Up to now, more than 100 domestic manufacturers have signed up for the exhibition, with a net exhibition area of more than 12000 square meters. Among them, Lianqiang group, Sichuan Juguang, Zhongde group, Liaoning Guanhua, Huaguang Seiko, Shanghai Hongjing, etc. have all participated in large-scale exhibitions. Beiren and Shanghai Yinbao have also actively paid attention to, expressed support for and participated in the 2008 China International all printing exhibition. International exhibitors are also willing to be outdone. Kodak, Heidelberg, Fuji starlight, Canon, Siemens, Agfa, EFI and others expressed their active support for the All India exhibition

the publicity and promotion of the All India exhibition has been in full swing. It has actively promoted the building at the iGAS exhibition in Japan and visited many international well-known customers; In October, polygraphinter-2007 Russia exhibition 5. Transmission system: there are mainly two kinds of transmission parts of electronic universal experimental machine. Special booths were set up at the exhibition. Many manufacturers and visitors came to the scene to inquire about the preparation of the All India exhibition. At the same time, the all print exhibition was presented with a high, new and professional image at the 2007 keyin cup digital printing works Grand Prix and digital printing at the China Technology Summit Forum in October and the 2007 National Printing managers' annual meeting in November. The influence of China International all printing exhibition has spread to more and more people and manufacturers in the industry, and has also received more and more attention and support from the industry at home and abroad

in October, 2007, the first issue of China International all print exhibition was also released, which received the support of all walks of life. The competent government departments, domestic industry associations, industry experts and overseas printing industry associations sent congratulatory messages to 2008 all print exhibition, strongly supported all print exhibition and wished all print exhibition greater progress

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