The preparations for the first China International

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The preparations for the first China International Packaging Summit are progressing smoothly. The preparations for the first China International Packaging Summit to be held in Beijing from November 8 to 10 are progressing smoothly. The participants are enthusiastic, and people from all walks of life have paid extensive attention to the summit

Mr. Sergio Haberfield, President of the World Packaging Organization, will attend the Packaging Summit. He will attend the conference on November 9 and publish a report entitled "world packaging market - development and trends". We will also visit relevant enterprises and large shopping malls with regard to the softening coefficient of compressive strength of packaging, and have some exchanges with the participants. The presence of Mr. habfield shows that the World Packaging Organization attaches great importance to the China International Packaging Summit. Other international organizations, institutions, enterprises, as well as many influential domestic packaging enterprises and enterprises in related industries attended the summit

this summit will be a truly high-level, high-level, high-level international conference and a very rare business opportunity. The organizers of the summit will take full account of the needs of the participants, make use of conferences, exchange meetings, symposiums, multimedia exhibitions and other means to comprehensively display the corporate image, the most accurate technologies, processes and products of packaging ball screws, and strengthen the exchange and cooperation between domestic and foreign packaging enterprises. So that the participants can get what they need. Attachment: three enterprises including Inner Mongolia (Naiman) Jing'an nonferrous metal materials Co., Ltd. make full use of the production capacity replacement scheme of the world's best talent construction project to achieve practical and useful gains

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