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The preparation technology of ultra soft and easy to dye polyester fiber has passed the acceptance

jointly undertaken by Shanghai Lianji Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. and Donghua University, and the acceptance (appraisal) meeting of the project "preparation and application technology of ultra soft and easy to dye polyester fiber" listed in the national "Eleventh Five Year" science and technology support plan was held recently

the expert group of China Textile Industry Federation believes that as an industry university research project with independent intellectual property rights, "the preparation and application technology of ultra soft and easy to dye polyester fiber" has established a one-stop demonstration base for the polymerization, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing and garment industry chain, with mature and stable process technology and remarkable energy conservation and emission reduction effect, For the industrial upgrading cost of modified polyester fiber, the standard length should be recorded in more than 10 pieces and the added value of the product should be improved to play a good demonstration effect. LANXESS is still investing in the development of Changzhou factory; Super soft and easy to dye polyester fiber products have the low-carbon environmental protection characteristics of normal pressure boiling dyeing and no alkali treatment, and the cotton like effects of super soft hand feel, good moisture absorption and remarkable anti pilling performance. The market development and application prospects are broad, and should be vigorously promoted. These products have not only led to a substantial increase in the demand for plastics

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