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The international titanium dioxide market price decline will continue

since the fourth quarter of 2014, the global titanium dioxide market price has entered a continuous decline channel. According to the understanding of China's paint procurement, the domestic titanium dioxide market price has dropped to about 12500 yuan/ton, a record low. The titanium dioxide market price in Europe and North America has also continued to decline, and the titanium dioxide industry will usher in a global winter

major exporters of titanium dioxide generally hope that the price can be maintained at USD/ton (CFR Asia), but the competitive price in the Chinese market depresses the overall market atmosphere

on December 19, the negotiated price was RMB/ton (CFR Asia), down USD/ton from a month ago. The specific price varies with the trading volume, place of origin and specifications

a dealer said, "the amount of supply directly determines the price trend. As the economic growth slows down, the demand for titanium dioxide in the third quarter is affected, which coincides with the traditional peak demand season for titanium dioxide."

he added: "the lower than expected demand in the peak season led to a sharp increase in supply in the fourth quarter, especially in some countries in Europe and Southeast Asia. As the end of the year approached, traders had to liquidate their positions to stimulate their desire to buy."

in the middle of December, the negotiated price of China's source of goods was concentrated in USD/ton (FOB China). At the beginning of this month, the paint exhibition held in Guangzhou, China, did not inject some vitality into the depressed city in terms of materials, equipment, process optimization and factory management, but prompted some suppliers to sell at low prices to recover funds

this month, China's credit policy tightened, coupled with the sluggish real estate market, the expectation of titanium dioxide demand growth failed again, and the market was filled with pessimism

a series of factors such as the strengthening of the US dollar and the expected slowdown of economic growth in China, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand, the major Asian economic powers, dampened import sentiment

buyers who focus on plastics and polymers are pessimistic and bearish on the crude oil market, because the recent trend of crude oil has a deep impact on the polymer market

in addition, resin and plastic derivatives can ensure the normal operation of the experimental machine. Luo Wen said that the raw material market is also in a downward channel

a buyer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) believed that the piston would drop when titanium clicked the reset button of the oil cylinder; On the contrary, white powder will reproduce the price in 2008, when the price range was USD/ton (CFR Asia)

buyers in the paint and coating industry believe that considering the lower energy cost and other additional raw materials, such as solvents and coating additives, the price of titanium dioxide should be lower

therefore, the negotiated price in the week of December 12 was mainly lower, and it was expected that the price would fall by USD/ton compared with the negotiated price in the previous period

affected by the Spring Festival holiday, the weak trend of titanium dioxide in Asia is expected to continue from December to January next year. From the end of January to February, market trading activities will also be in a relatively slow state

insiders say that generally, the market demand will increase at the end of March or the beginning of April. Therefore, the market trend in 2015 may depend on the market performance in the peak demand season in late March

in 2014, the global demand for titanium dioxide is expected to increase by 3.6% to 5.74 million tons. The paint industry still dominates

in, China's consumption of titanium dioxide is expected to grow at an annual rate of 6.5%, driving the global annual growth rate of 4%, while the consumption in Europe will remain unchanged during this period of time

the Asia Pacific region is a net importer of titanium dioxide. As an important pigment, titanium dioxide is used in paint and coating industry, accounting for%, plastic industry accounts for%, and the rest is used in rubber, ink, textile and paper industry

insiders said: "China accounts for more than 30% of the total global consumption, followed by Europe, which accounts for about 20%."

as a major exporter of titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid process, China's consumers are mainly concentrated in the United States, Latin America, Europe and India, and a small part in the Asia Pacific region

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