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The price adjustment of refined oil was lower than expected, and the futures price of fuel oil in Shanghai did not respond to the increase in the price of domestic refined oil, but the fuel oil futures in Shanghai remained unmoved and even fell slightly by 0.05%. Analysts believe that the price adjustment range of the national development and Reform Commission is lower than expected, and the weak fuel demand is the main reason for the dull Rockwell hardness of 0.001mm on the surface of the market trend

since zero o'clock yesterday, the domestic gasoline and diesel prices have increased by 480 yuan per ton. It is estimated that the retail prices of No. 90 gasoline and No. 0 diesel (national average) have increased by 0.36 yuan and 0.41 yuan per liter respectively. So far, the domestic refined oil price has undergone a total of 8 adjustments this year, including 5 increases and 3 decreases

however, the impact of this price adjustment is different from the previous bull market, and has not had a significant impact on the fuel oil futures market. Yesterday, after the main contract of Shanghai oil futures opened slightly higher at 4118 yuan/ton, it went all the way down, and finally closed at 4085 yuan/ton, down 0.05% or 2 yuan compared with the new material composed of plastic and other materials that could have multiple properties in the previous trading day; There was no significant amplification in terms of volume and energy. The daily turnover was 84000 hands, and the positions decreased by more than 2700 hands to 98900 hands

analysts believe that according to the domestic price adjustment mechanism of refined oil, the moving average price of crude oil in the international market for 22 consecutive working days has substantially exceeded 4%, which is actually 9.9%, and the increase in oil price is inevitable. However, the national development and Reform Commission raised the price of refined oil by only 480 yuan, corresponding to the increase of gasoline and diesel prices by about 6.5% and 7.2%, which is lower than the theoretical increase space of 650 and 700 yuan. Therefore, it is difficult to give a good boost to the Shanghai fuel oil futures market to make it easier to operate. However, under the negative effect of poor spot consumption and sluggish demand, Shanghai oil futures will also lose the power of speculation

from the perspective of the position structure of Shanghai fuel oil futures, long funds are indeed lack of interest in exploring topics. Yesterday, despite the rise in the price of refined oil, GF futures and Zhejiang Yong'an, the top two major bulls, reduced their holdings of fu1001 orders by 552 and 242 respectively. Moreover, the position of fu1001 has fluctuated slightly around 100000 hands recently, which is significantly lower than that in August

according to the data provided by e-trade information, the "upside down" of fuel oil imports in South China has increased in the past half month, reaching the deepest 2. 5% since 2009 Sample size: the size position of the tested component. On November 5, the "upside down" of fuel oil import in South China was about 992 yuan/ton, which was about 88 yuan/ton heavier than the "upside down" of 904 yuan/ton on October 22. This is mainly because the Huangpu market is worried about the demand for fuel oil for power plants, and the spot price of fuel oil has stagnated. On Monday, the transaction price of South China (Huangpu) fuel oil depot was yuan/ton

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