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The press conference of the first Nantong Automobile Industry Expo was held on the afternoon of October 10 at the Nantong automobile exhibition project site of the 365 Automobile Exhibition Co., Ltd. At the meeting, the 365 auto show project and 365 auto sales mode were introduced, the new auto show mode of metal foil which was completely different from the previous auto shows was displayed, the strategic cooperation policy of the auto show center was announced, and it also opened the prelude to the debut of the first Nantong auto industry Expo in December

365 auto show is a new auto industry model created by Bai'anyi family. It takes auto show as the carrier, takes auto sales as the guide, gathers domestic mainstream well-known auto brands, and realizes the whole process services such as vehicle purchase, finance and insurance, maintenance, fitness and entertainment, catering and hotels

for auto enterprises, 365 auto show provides a low-cost auto sales point

there is no need to build a store, no need to cultivate, and the province operates provincial marketing. 365 auto show can quickly help auto brands increase display points and achieve auto sales, which is mainly reflected in the following three points:

first, it can save marketing costs. 365 auto show centralized marketing can attract customers, maintain customer sentiment and plan activities for auto enterprises

second, it saves the cost of opening a store. Car companies do not need to purchase land, build houses and decorate. 365 auto show provides a well decorated exhibition hall, and car companies can directly settle in

the third is to save operating costs. Six sets of jigs for car equipment can completely stop seven different experimental enterprises. After choosing 365 auto show, the cost of property, public relations, car service and manpower will be saved

in addition, 365 auto show provides flexible cooperation mechanism for auto enterprises. First, support a variety of store opening forms, whether it is a brand experience store or a brand franchise store; Second, support a variety of profit distribution modes, and share or buy out booths according to profits; Third, support different automobile sales modes, such as automobile agency, automobile wholesale or automobile consignment

365 auto show's multi brand and low-cost operation mode provides a new auto sales channel and creates a new benchmark for auto circulation mode

for consumers, 365 auto show provides a car themed shopping place with centralized experience, better price and better service

365 auto show is an international auto exhibition center that will never end. High quality and large-scale auto show activities will be held here all year round to normalize and scale the auto show

365 auto show is a large-scale special sale platform for automobile storage. It can accommodate nearly 60 automobile brands. Many automobile brands are arranged in rows in the exhibition hall, which is convenient for consumers to see, compare and buy cars. At the same time, through storage display and small-scale plastic processing plants, manual cleaning is mainly adopted; Mechanical cleaning with high efficiency and low price can increase the purchase probability of consumers

365 auto show is also a big mall with experiential auto theme service. It will fully introduce a series of auxiliary functions such as domestic well-known brand restaurants, children's entertainment city, cinemas, gyms, intelligent auto hotels, and create a large auto theme park integrating retail, catering, leisure and entertainment, culture, exhibition, tourism and sightseeing

Nantong 365 Auto Exhibition Center is the first project of the 36th five year auto exhibition. It is located at the intersection of Gongnong North Road and Xingyu road in Gangzha District. The project has a total construction area of 300000 square meters. It has five major areas, including exhibition, maintenance, one-stop service, logistics, warehousing and distribution, catering and entertainment. It has six major business forms, including auto exhibition, auto sales, auto after-sales, e-commerce, auto comprehensive service, and supporting commercial services, Provide all-round services for the whole auto show center

in December this year, the "2018 Nantong First Auto Industry Expo" will be held in Nantong 365 auto show center. It is revealed that the scale and content of this auto show will be unprecedented in Nantong's previous auto shows. At that time, it will present a new and shocking exhibition

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